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Self-Screen for OCD
Thursday, 14 April 2011 02:06

If you answer "Yes" to any of the following questions, it is suggested that you consider getting a professional consultation to determine whether you may be suffering from OCD.

  1. Are you frequently troubled by repetitive thoughts that are unwanted, intrusive, and that cause you to feel anxious?
  2. Do you tend to wash or clean yourself or your possessions excessively?
  3. Do you have unreasonably strong fears of germs, dirt, chemicals, or radioactivity?
  4. Is your living space filled or cluttered with excessive amounts of possessions or useless items that you are unable to throw away?
  5. Are you frequently troubled by thoughts of acting inappropriately toward others in violent or sexual ways?
  6. Do you frequently feel the urge to check things over and over, for fear of having done something careless that could harm either yourself or others?
  7. Do you constantly question others or seek reassurance that you have not behaved badly in some way?
  8. Do you constantly question others or seek reassurance that some bad event will or will not happen to yourself or others?
  9. Do you feel that at times, you must perform special repetitive behaviors or think in special ways in order to prevent bad things from happening to yourself or others, or to cancel out bad luck?
  10. Are you frequently bothered by blasphemous or irreligious thoughts, or are you constantly concerned that you are not observing the beliefs or laws of your religion perfectly enough?
  11. Do you spend excessive amounts of time trying to order or arrange things in your environment, in order to make them perfect or symmetrical in some way?
  12. Do you feel overly responsible for the well being and safety of others (even strangers), to the point of constantly checking on them and worrying about them?
  13. Are you constantly troubled by serious doubts, and do you have great difficulty in making decisions.
  14. Are you overly concerned with lucky or unlucky numbers, or do you have to perform particular actions a special number of times to prevent bad things from happening?
Last Updated on Thursday, 05 May 2011 15:37


Please Note: Then information in this site is presented as a public service to our patients and friends. It is not a substitute for a careful evaluation by a qualified mental health professional.  If you are already under treatment, do not make any changes in your regimen without consulting your doctor.

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