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Self-Screen for Tourette's Syndrome
Thursday, 14 April 2011 02:12

If you answer 'Yes' to some of the questions below, it is recommend that you consider seeing a qualified professional for a consultation to determine whether you may have Tourette's Syndrome or some other type of tic disorder.

  1. Do you experience and sometimes act upon the urge to make sudden uncontrolled body movements?
  2. Do you experience and sometimes act upon the urge to make particular sounds or noises, either out loud or quietly to yourself?
  3. Do you, at times feel the need to touch or move things in special ways until it feels "just  right?"
  4. If you touch, rub against, or bump into objects with your body, do you feel the need to "even things up" by repeating the action with the opposite side of your body?
  5. Do you find yourself, at times, blurting out words or phrases before you have had time to think about it?
  6. If you see sharp, pointed, very hot, or otherwise dangerous objects, do you sometimes get the urge to impulsively touch them just to see how it would feel?
  7. Do you frequently feel the need to move or stretch or move in very particular ways?
  8. Do you, at times, make exaggerated faces, or blink or grimace to excess?
  9. Do you sometimes experience strong fits of rage, even though there may be no real reason for it?
  10. Do you experience and sometimes act upon the urge to say inappropriate things out loud even though you know that it will embarrass yourself or others?
  11. When in public places, do you experience and sometimes act upon the urge to do socially inappropriate things (make rude gestures, grab or touch private parts of your body, make a loud noise, or curse, etc.)?
  12. Do you repeat particular words over and over simply because you like to sound and "feel" of them?
Last Updated on Thursday, 05 May 2011 15:37


Please Note: Then information in this site is presented as a public service to our patients and friends. It is not a substitute for a careful evaluation by a qualified mental health professional.  If you are already under treatment, do not make any changes in your regimen without consulting your doctor.

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